To explore a road toward premium, characterized and internationalized development of basic education, Tongman Education Group was officially established on January 21, 2015 to focus on high-end international education in primary and secondary schools. Supported by a team of experienced experts and advisors for academic researches and operation management, the Group has inherited the profound deposits accumulated by Guangzhou Lingnan Education Group in more than 20 years in the education industry. Relying on its plentiful domestic and international education resources and using a mature operation management system and advanced information system, it is taking steady steps to continuously enrich its education products for global development by keeping a foothold in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and reaching out to the three places as well as both sides of the straits.

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The Capital Tongman School (“School of Combined Learning”), the first foreign language school of China, was founded in 1862 [integrated into Peking University in January 1902]. Guangzhou Tongman School was set up on June 23, 1864 (May 30 of the 3rd year of Emperor Tongzhi) as the second of its kind in the history of China, the earliest foreign language school in Guangdong and the oldest new-type school with modern significance in Guangzhou. In the early days of the Westernization Drive, China got into increasing exchanges with Western countries, leading to the birth of Guangzhou Tongman School under the advocacy of Li Hongzhang. In Chinese, the characters “同文”(Tongman) mean “learning Western knowledge, expanding Sino-foreign exchanges”. It fostered a number of talents proficient in Chinese and western studies and boosted the development of the modern education of China.

Carrying on the open, innovative and inclusive school-running guideline of Capital Tongman School,Guangzhou Tongman School upholds the school management idea of “Embrace China, Embrace the world” and aims at training “outstanding talents who outperform in combining Chinese and foreign studies”. It launched a number of renowned schools, including SCNUFLS, Tongman School and SCNUFLS Aipei Kindergarten, and opened up a new channel for cooperation in Chinese-foreign education to assist its internationalized development of education in reaching a new high.