Chairwoman’s Message

Respected friends from all walks of life and dear guests,

Guangzhou Tongman School that was set up in 1864 is one of the earliest bases of China for Chinese and foreign exchanges in education and culture. It is also the birthplace of the foreign language schools in modern Guangdong and exerted significant impact on the development of Guangdong and the Chinese society. Tongman Education Group has come down from Guangzhou Tongman School in one continuous line. Inheriting the school-running guideline of “Embrace China, Embrace the world”, we have initially formed a pattern that integrates pre-school education, basic education, training of youngsters and international cooperation and exchanges.

We base education on loving care and foster talents for the motherland. We use love to make a success of every teacher, student and employee, use thankfulness and contribution to win praises and support from all walks of life. We provide diversified, personalized and internationalized education resources for the students in their growth and provide a stage for the career development of the faculty where they can display their talents. We are committed to fostering world citizens and lifetime learners who outperform in Chinese and foreign studies.

Tongman Education Group joins you in walking into the future and the world arena.

——Huifen He
Chairman of Tongman Education Group