SCNU has a teaching and research team of professional authoritativeness, which is responsible for the top-level design of SCNUFLS courses and teaching, process guidance, quality monitoring, building and training of the teaching team.

Wu Yingmin

Vice president of China Education Society, president of the Federation of Principals of the Primary and Secondary Schools of Guangdong Province and principal of Guangzhou Middle School. He used to be the principal of the Affiliated Middle School of SCNU.

Xu Jian

President of Shanghai Shiwai Education Group. He used to be deputy director of the Education Bureau of Xuhui District, Shanghai and principal of Shanghai World Foreign Languages Middle School.

Gu HongLi

Dean, professor and doctor of literature of the School of Foreigh Languages, SCNU; visiting scholar of Cornel University.

Huang Liyan

Deputy dean, professor and doctor of the School of Foreign Languages, SCNU; master of applied linguistics of the Department of Education, University of Oxford; doctor of applied linguistics of University of Lancaster; academic consultant and official trainer of the Division of Foreign Language Examinations, University of Cambridge

Xu Manfei

Deputy dean, associate professor and doctor of the School of Foreign Languages, SCNU.


Most of the team members have work experience in government and famous enterprises to support the development and operation of the school.

He Huifen

She is now studying for doctor degree in Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. As board chairperson of Tongman Education and director of Guangzhou Lingnan Education Group, she has worked in the education industry for 26 years. The titles she holds concurrently include member of CPPCC Guangzhou Committee, vice president of the Association of Female Entrepreneurs of Guangdong Province, vice president of Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce, National Women’s Pacesetter, national outstanding business starting female and Chinese economic females of achievements.

Han Liqing

Doctor of business administration of Arizona State University and master of Peking University; president of Guangzhou Lingnan Education Group and executive director of Guangzhou Tongman Education Investment Group Co., Ltd. A 17-year veteran in the education industry, he knows well the ways of planning education brands, persists in differentiated marketing thinking and is good at the grouped creation and operation of education; puts into practice the education ideas that combine Chinese and foreign studies, digs deeply into the cultural elements of China and is committed to promoting the internationalized development of the modern education of China. Mr. Han presided over the planning and design of several major education projects, including the Guangzhou campus and Qingyuan campus of Guangdong Lingnan Vocational and Technical College Guangzhou...


As a vice president of Tongman Education Group, he worked as strategic investment director in a number of large nongovernmental education institutions and was responsible for the complete pre-investment researches, during-investment cooperation and post-investment control and implementation of a number of new physical schools of K12.

Yan Jun

Master of Business Administration of Guangdong University of Technology, Vice President of Tongwen Education Group.He once served as the general manager of Wuhan Branch of Shenzhen Zhuoyue Property Management Co., Ltd. and the director of the business unit of Guangzhou Sodexo Management Service Co., Ltd., and was awarded the honorary titles of "China's Excellent Professional Manager" and "Guangdong's Excellent Professional Manager".


Most of the members are from prime domestic universities. The participation of the senior teachers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign countries has led to the higher internationalization of the academic team of SCNUFLS. Through continuous teacher training and expert guidance, SCNUFLS has built a well-structured team of Chinese and foreign teachers in sufficient quantity, who have passion in their work, ideals and vigor.

Philbert Zhu

Principal of SCNUFL and a special-grade teacher of Guangdong Province. He was vice principal of Guangdong Experimental Middle School, vice principal and principal of the Affiliated Middle School of SCNU, principle of the Affiliated School of Sun Yat-sen University, delegate to the 10th People’s Congress of Guangdong Province and member of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture and Health of the Standing Committee of the 10th People’s Congress of the province. Received a number of honors, including “100 National Outstanding Sports Principals” granted by the Ministry of Education.

Alex Ren

Vice principal of SCNUFL, doctor of education and holder of the honorary title of first batch of “National Excellent Educators”; member of the expert panel of the task group of “Youngster Quality Education & Talent Fostering” of Peking University, national first-class mathematical Olympics coach and “Lingnan expert” principal.

Huang Yan

Vice Principal and Director of Innovation and Integration Department, Huawai-Tongman Foreign Language School.Vice Chairperson of Middle and Primary School Committee, Guangdong Provincial Association for Non-Government Education Association.Vice Chairperson of Primary and Middle School Branch, Chinese Association for Non-Government Education.Master of Psychological Science from Sun Yat-sen University, Master of Education from South China Normal University, and DBA from University of Nice Sophia.

Darby Yan

High school senior math teacher, excellent Communist Party member. Municipal key teacher and he won the first prize of municipal teaching competition, excellent teacher of Yuexiu District, excellent teacher of Guangzhou No.2 Middle School education group, excellent grade director, outstanding contribution award of graduation class. He won the hope cup, the Wuyang cup, the China Cup, the national junior high school mathematics league and other excellent coaches in mathematics competitions. He is a member of the research group of the national 11th Five Year Plan Project "Research on strategies for improving the effectiveness of classroom teaching behavior", and participated in the guidance and training of rural teachers by the Guangzhou primary and secondary school teacher training center.

Yummy Fan

Head of Fls Personalized Innovative Education Preschool, senior nursery teacher, senior head of kindergarten, national class-A instructor of children’s mental health education, director of Guangzhou Society for Researches on Children’s Music Education, specially-invited lecturer for the kindergarten head enhancement class of Guangzhou Children’s Teacher Training School; familiar with advanced domestic and foreign education ideas and teaching modes; trained and supplied outstanding teachers and management talents to international schools; engaged in pre-school education and management for 16 years.