Honors & Qualifications

Under the guidance of the ideas for adult education, SCNUFLS has made great achievements in the teaching of foreign languages and shows notable characteristics. On the basis of maintaining excellent teaching of academic courses, it gives considerations to the synchronous studies of diversified courses in physical culture and art. Meanwhile, it has got into extensive contacts with the excellent schools and courses in the other parts of the world.

Main honors won by SCNUFLS

★ I-EP primary school project (PYP) passed the certification of IBO to become a world school of IB.

★ Was rated as a “National Special School of Ice-Snow Sport for Teenagers in Campuses”(Department of Education of Guangdong Province)

★ Was included into the third batch of special schools for art education in primary and secondary schools in Guangdong Province(Department of Education of Guangdong Province)

★ Won the title of “Safe and Civilized Campus of Guangzhou”(Education Bureau and Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou)

★ Won the title of “Demonstration School for Promotion of Tennis in Campus” in Huangpu District (Education Bureau of Huangpu District)

★ Won the “2019 Award for Global Achievements in IE Enlightenment of Potentials”

★ Won the title of “New International School in 2019”

★ Passed the reevaluation for “School of Standardized Voluntary Education in Guangzhou”(rated as a school of up-to-standard quality)

★ Successfully completed the annual acceptance check of the nongovernmental schools of Guangzhou in 2019